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Our Mission:

​The NYSARC North Country Management Services Corporation (doing business as "North Country MSO") is established to act as a premier management services organization providing high quality administrative support to providers of health and human services, with roots in the delivery of quality developmental disabilities services in the North Country.​

Driven by the common mission of the four founding chapters, in the knowledge that collectively we are better equipped to safeguard our future, the North Country MSO is designed to eliminate the duplication of effort related to business administrative functions resulting in cost savings to participating members.​

The field of developmental disabilities in New York State is in a period of transformation.  The NCMSO and its employees are uniquely qualified to provide a set of services to the founding agencies, as well as to other not-for-profit providers in the field of developmental disabilities services.

How can the North Country MSO benefit these agencies?
  • Sharing Technology, Talent, and Resources
  • Promoting Accountability, Oversight, Ethical Behavior, and Transparency
  • Taking Care of Administrative functions so that the Chapters can Concentrate on extending Quality Care to People!
  • Collaboration Between Agencies Creates Positive Outcomes​

Collaborative Efforts, Positive Results:

  • ​The North Country MSO serves as a model for the rest of the State
  • The North Country MSO will better prepare NYSARC Chapters to navigate in a managed care environment